Sign The Pledge

There is no cost to sign the pledge and join The GALAP directory. 

Please share this resource widely with other providers in your local area to help increase access, as well as make it sustainable for you to write free letters.

By signing this pledge, you agree to publicly state your commitment to The GALAP movement and writing letters at no cost to the person seeking the letter. We ask that you only sign if you are a LICENSED MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL (independently licensed or associate under supervision) with a practice where clients can meet with you (in-person or virtually) to provide the service of letter writing.

We ask that Pledge Signers:
1. Complete at least one free session AND letter per month (based on demand).
2. Refrain from charging a fee for any additional letters written (beyond the free letter)*, unless covered by insurance.
3. Refer to the GALAP network if you are not able to write any more free letters in a given month.
4. Use an informed consent approach in your interviewing, assessment, and letter-writing process.
5. Understand that the GALAP is not liable for any work you do and that you should work within the bounds of your scope, legal and ethical guidelines, and liability insurance.

*Letters written as part of ongoing therapy with clients who are part of your current practice are charged at the regular therapy rate. Any additional time on letter writing outside the therapy session, including clinical consultation, communication with surgeons and medical staff, should be done for free and not charged to the client. 

For more info, see FAQ page.

Mental health providers interested in signing the pledge for 2024 may do so here.